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Is Remote Working Here to Stay? April 8, 2020 The future of office life is likely to be changed dramatically by the impact of Covid-19. The most immediate change has been the overnight implementation of remote working across a wide variety of sectors. Read More
A wealth of opportunity in Ireland’s aircraft leasing industry January 21, 2020 A wealth of opportunity in Ireland’s aircraft leasing industry Read More
Why Diversity And Inclusion Should Be At The Heart Of Recruitment December 4, 2019 Diversity and inclusion have been topics on the business agenda for some time. The research in this area backs up what we all know intuitively - that is, a diverse workplace works best for staff, for society and for business. Read More
Why Employer Branding Is So Important In Recruitment November 11, 2019 Have you ever considered how your business is viewed by potential employees? If not, then you may need to think about your employer brand. Read More
What The Financial Services Brexit “Exodus” Means For Job Seekers & Employers In Dublin November 1, 2019 It’s understandable that people are a little sick of hearing about Brexit by now - after all, it’s been three years with no resolution. With a number of deadlines set and passed, we’re currently building up to another period of severe uncertainty. Read More
Options and Opportunity for Newly Qualified Accountants October 25, 2019 April marked both the end and beginning of a journey for many of the country’s brightest young accountants. After 3.5 years in training, the most recent cohort of newly qualified accountants are ready to take the next step in their careers. While many will remain in practice and seek to… Read More